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VJKK VJKF I am wondering if you can give advice please. I have been overweight since childhood, what they call obese. Alot of factors contributed to this due to issues at home, so I used to comfort eat. I then did this all my life, when I was 18, my weight went upto 23 stone, I was eating alot! Then I took action and tried to control it, as I grew older I knew I would have to do something otherwise I would die. I had asthma, along with alot of other problems. I managed to lose down to a weight of 17 stone. But then it stopped. Now I am 27 years old and my weight it always going up and down between 16-18 stone, basically I try all the diets, and go gym, I don't let my weight stop me moving, I am quite active for someone so big, but I still comfort eat and my weakness is eating large portions and the wrong foods. I sometimes follow a good diet and then about 4 weeks later I will totally crash and end up eating the wrong things. The problem I have is that I put on the weight within two weeks.

I do feel that I have problems losing weight and I have no confidence in myself, and I get very grumpy with my loved ones because I am depressed about my weight. It affects my life seriously. Recently I went to the weight loss surgery clinic and discussed my issues. They said that as my mum is diabetic and has blood pressure, chances are if I don't get my health fixed I will be sure to get health problems.

The lady said that for my BMI she recommends having a gastric band fitted would allow me to deal with my eating habits, and help me control portions and by following the plan along with exercise I should lose around 50% of my excess weight.

I have never let it get in the way of my sikhi and do ardas to Maharaj. But my question is it right to have this surgery in Sikhi? I know I am responsible for my problems, would Maharaj be okay with me doing this?