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2015-10-30 08:32:24 -0500 marked best answer I'm the worst amritdhaari ever! please help! what should i do?

okay so i watched porn last year and my mom caught me. ( i don't know when she caught me) she didn't confront me right away, but she did a few days later. i used to talk to strangers on omegle, watch porn, and masturbate. when my mom talked to me she gave me a huge lecture on how bad it is and how i shouldn't be doing it. she was really upset and i started crying. it made me feel really bad about myself. So yes, i did stop after that. i felt so much better. my mom and i started talking to each other again and she never brings it up thankfully. but then i started watching porn again a few months later. now I'm looking at porn, masturbating, or looking at nudes all the time. I'm on winter break from school right now and I've been doing it almost everyday. I'm so ashamed on myself, i let my mom down again! she hasn't caught me yet but i don't want her to either. i wanna stop this! how??? its so hard to quit and to stop once i start. please don't yell at me, i know this is bad. This is my fault now but when i was younger it was't my fault. it was my cousins. he introduced me to porn, and touched me at night. i hate him now and don't speak to him unless i have to. he probably remembers but we never bring it up. i was only 9 years old when i found out about this horrible stuff and its ruining my life.

i hate myself rn. please don't give hate just help..

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2015-01-22 22:53:39 -0500 edited question Woman/girl with facial hair?

WJKK wjkf im a teen sikh girl, and i play competitive soccer, and other sports in my school teams. But when my team and i sit together, my legs are obviously r the harriest, and i try to hide them. It's embarrassing and i'm not going to lie. I wear a long sleeve under our jersey but i can't do anything about my legs. Plus if i cover everything i will get really hot when i play. I've seen western sikh girls my age online and they don't have any hair, they wear shorts and half sleeve shirts which is something I haven't don't in years.(well at least not in public or at school) Every summer when i go to school i cover my whole body. I also don't try out for sports like basketball bcuz of the outfits we have to wear, and this year i really wanted to tryout but my hair stopped me. No girl in my school is amritdhaari so i have no one to talk to. So, my question is how can i naturally remove it, without breaking any rules. I would prefer if a singhni could answer bcuz perhaps she would understand, but if u have any solutions please help me.

Also please don't just give me gurbani quotes bcuz it will maybe help my self esteem but i still won't wear half sleeve shirts and I'm tired of wearing long sleeve in the summer all the time.

no, i don't have pcos and I'm sure of it. But can you please ask the women in your life to help me out? i see so many beautiful sikh girls who don't have any hair and i don't understand how.

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2015-01-16 22:11:26 -0500 answered a question high school

Do your problems have to do anything with sikhi? I don't know what your struggling with in school, but sometimes you just gotta focus on school. Maybe something is distracting you. like video games, tv shows, ect. i have no idea. but if you don't feel like going to school then just graduate and take a gap year, until you do feel like going to school again.

2015-01-16 22:06:35 -0500 edited question how come sikh girls don't cover their full head?

i've seen some videos and pictures of sikh women, mostly teens, who don't cover their full head when typing daystar. Can someone explain?

yes, some leave it open at the top, which is what i mean by they don't fully cover their head.

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2015-01-03 16:30:46 -0500 answered a question should i marry?

more details please?