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Thanks for the reply

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Satsriakal Ji, i read on internet that in Japuji sahib ji their is mantra for success of business Bohuta karam jaap is good it can help us in hard it true i wanted to start the SO Purakh path and Bohuta karam jaap for my husband can i do both of them together for 40 days .

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SAT SRIAKAL JII, I was married to a Sardar guy 6 years back i liked his sikhi ,i have a son of 4 years too who loves Waheguru jii a lot ...but the situations are not good the person i married has cut his beard now... ...since we are married he did job/he did business but all in losses.. now he has started with a new taxi cab job and am really depressed he is not successful in this also means when he completes his rides still there is some or the other money problem ...due to unsuccessful he speaks so that no body questions him or says that he is of no use ...He has no respect in his house because he is not able to give any money to his parents ...he is leading a miserable life and totally demotivated ...even we fight regularly for monthly car installments and other expenses ....since married my world has totally changed i dont under stand what to do...i do Japuji sahib and Chopai sahib sometimes i do aap sahae hoa but my mind is not stable am tensed so tensed ...NO RESPECT?NO LOVE?NO HAPPINESS ..its a long time i have laughed and cant even share to anyone.... PLZ PLZ PLZ tell me some thing what to do.....HOW TO PRAY AND WHAT TO PRAY TO WAHEGURU JII SO THAT MY LIFE ALSO BECOMES GOOD SO THAT MY HUSBAND IS SUCCESSFUL IN WHAT EVER HE DOES/SO THAT MY HUSBAND CAN SPEAK TRUTH AND GAIN RESPECT IN HIS HOUSE..... I CANT SEE MY LIFE RUINING EVERY DAY HIS MOTHER FATHER SAY HIM BAD WORDS AND DISRESPECT HIM ....I WANT HIS RESPECT I WANT HIM TO B RESPONSIBLE PERSON AND TO TAKE CARE OF FULL FAMILY....PLZ HELP ME

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