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Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh. It means the khalsa belong to waheguru and the victory is of waheguru.

There is history behind this... Guru Gobind singh ji has fought many wars and won them too. Then one sikh said to guru ji that you and your khalsa has won all the wars, on which guru ji said that khalsa is not mine, it is waheguru(waheguru ji ka khalsa) and victory is not mine, neither nor khalsas, it is of waheguru (waheguru ji di fateh). sikhs says it to greet each other to remind each other that we all belong to waheguru and the victory also will be waheguru only. it foster the spirit to love waheguru because we belong to waheguru and also foster us to fight for waheguru's victory.

2013-11-20 23:40:34 -0600 answered a question beliving in astrology

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Wahegur ji ki fateh. The question is answered by Guru Nanak dev ji, in Japji Sahib. Guru ji in 21st pauri "thit vaar naa jogee jaanai rut maahu naa ko-ee." The day and the date are not known to the Yogis (symbilizes the persons who claim what is going to happen), nor is the month or the season "jaa kartaa sirthee ka-o saajay aapay jaanai so-ee." The Creator who created this creation-only He Himself knows.

Guru ji says, not to believe that somebody can know about the time what is going to happen to the people depending on good or bad day, or good or bad season, only the creator who created universe knows what is going to happen. so Sikhs should not believe in astrology. hope it answers your question.

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Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh.

The history reveals a very strong reason for that. The slogan is not recited in the Sachkhand Darbar Sahib Amritsar, but it is recited in the shri Akal takhat sahib. It is because Sachkhand Darbar Sahib Amritsar, was made a common house of all mankind not only for sikhs. Gurus use to say that the sikhs are the sevadars who are there to serve, not the owner of it. Because it is common house, the lord name is only recided, even the Fateh slogan which symbolize that sikhs are of waheguru and the victory too is of waheguru is avoided there. sachkhand Darbar Sahib was made as house of lord (a saint), and there is no war or victory. where as to protect it we made Akal Takhat sahib. Also if you see, when we enter Darbar Sahib Amritsar, there are downward stairs on all the 4 gates, which too symbolizes that all persons should come here as leaving their haume, Ahmkar. where as Akal Takhat sahib is on raised platform. Form Akal Takhat sahib you can see the house of lord sachkhand sahib, but from sachkhand sahib you cannot, which too symbolizes many things, like a ruler should always rule keeping guru in mind, but when you are in front of god, donot see that you are ruler. Hope it answers yours question.

2013-11-20 23:16:38 -0600 answered a question can a woman wear the turban without taking amrit?

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh.

yes ofcourse. A women can wear turban without taking amrit. All amritdhari gursikhs are required to keep their head covered which we normally do by tying turban (which in simple language signifies that these are married soles to waheguru and they all have their living lord always with them, there are other meanings and importance also associated with , like a precious thing is covered, the head which love god or remembers it is also covered .....the spiritual significance goes on limitless), but other persons can also do the same.

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2013-06-19 02:48:37 -0600 answered a question Are ladies allowed as "Panj Pyare"?

satshri akal ji Panj Pyare can be ladies or men or combination, the only requirement is they (ladies or men) should be amritdhari.

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2013-06-03 03:19:09 -0600 answered a question how to clear paap (sin)

Satshri akal ji,

Guru Nanak devji answers this question in Japji sahib in pauri 20,

Guru ji says

Bharie mat papa ke sang Oh dope nave ke rang

guru ji says by remembering lords name all your sins are washed away.

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2013-06-01 09:59:07 -0600 answered a question Superstitions Continuously Failing me

Satshri Akal ji

I will first say quote from Guru granth Sahib ji

O simple man, Leave all your superstitions, And be in love with One. (Guru V, Gujri Rag)

  • Good and ill omens affect him, Who does not remember the lord. (Guru V, Asa Rag)*

The True Guru granteh the Nam of the Lord, Which cast away all the evil influences of the planets.(Guru V,AsaRag)

And you asked about superstitions, I donot know that they are true or not, but our guru says and guarantees that if you remember lord then superstitions donot exist for you.

2013-05-31 21:37:33 -0600 answered a question the sad truth

waheguru ji khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. hanji veerji, what you are saying is right.

but i would like to say that no need to be sad because of the external changes by some organizations or people teaching wrong. There has always been an continuous effort to misguide us, change our history and historic monuments. but we are also lucky that we have true form of Guru Granth sahib ji Handwritten by Baba deep singh ji at all 5 Takhats. because just 300 years ago Guru ji left us physically, The many of actual handwritten Hukams of guru Gobind singh ji are still there. which guide us and is used by many saints to teach us and who follows the books written by Sgpc, we follow what auctually guru ji says in his writings. And at last I will say that... When Guru Gobind singh ji was asked that ... Will the sikhi be destroyed in wars and fightings only(because during guru ji times there were too many wars) Guru ji replied... Khalsa will nerver be destroyed, its true form will always be preserved but one thing is true form of khalsa will be less in number.

2013-05-31 21:18:23 -0600 answered a question Relationships of converted sikh with born sikh

Satshri akal ji, There is no problem in relationship with muslims, thats what sikhi teaches us. Among the foremost followers of Guru Nanak , Rai Bular who was king of Talwandi Sabo was a muslim. Bhai Mardana, was a muslim, who was with Guru Nanak all the times. and there are a lot of examples for us like during the construction of shri Harmandir guru ji ordered for the fist brick to be placed by a muslim. In our guru granth Sahib ji too there is Bani of baba Farid ji who is a muslim. so who said to have relationships with sikhs only. Guru ji said love all and respect all, and when you see a sikh not only have relationship with him but try to see me in him. Hope this clears all doubt.

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Jasbir singh ji, from my understanding too and from listening to many of the respected saints and souls, in this conversation guru ji actually leaves body and goes to sachkhand to talk with God.

2013-05-25 00:48:36 -0600 answered a question Did Guru Gobind Singhji Came from Sachkhand?

Guru Gobind singh ji explains where guru ji was and why Waheguru send guru ji to this mortal life in the Auto biography in shri DASAM GRANTH in the Bachitar Natak link of Bachitar natak with english translation

 Guru ji writes very nicely may be for us to understand later.

guru ji explains all the talks with the god, what god wanted to be done and why guru ji was send and chosen by god.

the lines start from pg(73 punjabi numbering system) of shri dasam granth

from the full explanation it can be understood that guru was in meditation at hemkunt sahib when god call and there is actual face to face talk, from there all other conversations started.... The whole conversation is very wonderful and it explains many deeper things of the sikhism and i feel it cannot be written in few lines, so i will suggest you should read it to appreciate it.

And finally the answer to your question is that it is not easy to answer it straight way yes or no .. ...but when you will read ( Bachitar Natak --itself means a Different Story) then your question will be answered by guru ji himself.

2013-04-29 04:29:32 -0600 answered a question Meaning of Gurbani

Satshri Akal ji,

The whole shabad is "Agya bhai Akal ki tabhi chalayo Panth. Sabh Sikhan ko hukam hai Guru manyo Granth. Guru Granth Ji manyo pargat Guran ki deh. Jo Prabhu ko milbo chahe khoj shabad mein le. Raj karega Khalsa aqi rahei na koe ,Khwar hoe sabh milange bache sharan jo hoe."

The meaning of shabad is "Under orders of the Immortal Being, the Panth was created. All Sikhs are enjoined to accept the Granth as their Guru. Consider the Guru Granth as an embodiment of the Gurus.Those who want to meet God, can find Him in its hymns. The pure shall rule, and the impure will be no more, Those separated will unite and all the devotees of the Guru shall be saved." This shabads are the words of Guru Gobind Singh ji in which guru ji explains why Khalsa was created and all Sikh are ordered to accept Guru Granth Sahib as their Guru .

     for any further query you can refer to <a href=""></a>
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2012-08-25 21:22:10 -0600 answered a question Who and when 'Rehrass Sahib' was composed

veer ji,I searched for the answer of your question, as I myself was first not having the clear view about it. The best answer which I get is from Giani Thakur singh ji " " Giani ji mentions very clearly early it was composed by Guru Nanak Dev ji,later Guru Ram Das ji and Guru Arjun Dev ji added bani to it.Giani ji explains much more very nicely ,how the bani was composed in step by step.

The other good answer is at " " Which mentions about the origin of name of this Bani.

And the sikh wiki also mentions " " Now part of the Rehiras Sahib the Benti Chaupai, attributed to Guru Gobind Singh ji was added to the Bani in the late 19th century The addition was later ratified by the supreme Sikh religious body - the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee.

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2012-08-25 03:37:03 -0600 answered a question About Hari.

The word "Hari" originated from sanskrit word "harn" which means "go away or ran away". so we mean that by saying "hari" we pray to god to take away our doubts and pains, as it is rightly said by kanwaljit veer.