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Satnam Shree waheguru I am a 22 years old sikh boy from United States. I am a college junior. I was born in an upper middle class family and I have lived a very confortable life so far. My dad died at a very young age and I have lived in my uncle's house for most of my life. My heart and mind are always in a fight and I can't concentrate. I feel inferior and get nervous very easily. Even though I am a very good student I sometimes feel I can't get to my goals. I want to become a doctor and I have failed the Mcat exam twice. I feel my failure was not due to lack of preparation but due to lack of confidence. Even in classes I get very nervous and frightened. Public speaking is my biggest fear. I can't act normal in front of strangers. I feel every one is judging me on anything I do. After watching Sikh net videos I have started waking up early and been doing japji and Rehras sahib. But I feel I am not 100% into the path. When I am doing Path alot of weired thoughts come to my mind. I am fully aware of my abilities but due to nervousness and lack of confidence I can't take fully advantage of them. Sometimes I become very anxious and almost have panic attack. I can sometimes physically feel the nervousness, my hands get sweaty, legs begun to shake. I get scared going on highways, Unfamiliar areas and getting into fights. I want to become a confident, fearless, positive and a complete humanbeing. Please, please, please help me.