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Advice for discouragement when doing simran

I've been trying to attempt to do more simran. I spent a few weeks visiting extended family and we spent most of our time on spiritual matters, attending gurdwara, doing kirtan and simran, etc. It felt really great. Then i came home and i was still on vacation so i tried to do my best to continue which was all good until i started to work again and things fell apart. Now my work has taken over, and i try to tell myself simran is important, but my mind keeps winning out. it tells me that these other things are more important, urgent, need to get done when that's simply not true. each day is getting worse and worse. i'm stressed out, extremely anxious, and i can't seem to get my mind to focus. i got very ill from my stress before and i'm getting sick again, mentally and physically. I can tell myself God is taking care of everything, but really my faith is wavering and i am constantly worried, the less i do simran the worse it is getting. When i do simran i seem to remember and trust that God is here with me and the day goes by easier. Does anyone have any tips, any encouragement, for me to try to continue to do simran and paath?