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how do i let people go if they hurt me?

I'm a compassionate and understanding person and right now it's hurting me. I give love and understanding and compassion to people who hurt me/are abusive (provided i care about them.) I simply don't have the ability to hate or hold it against them because they have earned my trust/love and then if they treat me badly after that i don't know how to let them go to protect myself from further harm. These are people who tell me that "X" behaviour of mine is the reason why they treat me this way. And therefore i spend my time feeling guilty about not being able to take back what i said or did that hurt that person, and i apologize, but i blame their abuse on myself. Something in my brain tells me that its not me- i'm not at fault, but i've gone through so much now i can't think clearly. I give more and more understaning that perhaps that person is going through a hard time, was hurt by what i did, and i excuse what they do to me. How do i let the people go who are hurting me?