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Is finding yourself a one time thing?

Life has a lot of ups and downs. I've had times in the past when i wasn't sure of who i was and i re-discovered myself including re-affirming my faith, my goals for myself, and just believing that i was on the right path. My question for you is, is finding yourself a one time thing? Like you are certain of who you are and it sticks with you forever and ever?

On one hand i think that you can probably re-discover who you are at any time in your life and decide that this is not what your values are and this is not who you want to be and decide to change your path.

On the other hand i feel like i keep going through this over and over in different ways. When real hardships come up i question my beliefs and i lose myself. And through that hardship i manage to find myself again, but maybe i had never really believed that strongly in the first place if my beliefs are shaken this many times?