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Could you relate all these things for me?

Shahedi Divas - Gurus and Guru ji's Sahibjade sacrificed their lives for Sikhi. And Guru Ji also said "Rehat pyari mujko Sikh pyara nahi". And today we have people who cut their hair.

Could someone explain all this to me? What truth is? And my question is To get Guru's love and Guru's blessings, one must become Sikh and keep his hair?

What's the true meaning of Sikh and Gursikh? And what's the difference between them?

As in this video he talks about "Rehat pear mujko Sikh para nahi" and I think it means "Rehat" which is how a Sikh lives is more important than how a Sikh dresses .Right? But in this video this "line" has a different meaning, you should take Amrit and become Sikh. I'm confused. Please help. And before this "Rehat pear mujko Sikh para nahi" he speaks another line which I cannot understand.Could you explain me that too? It ends with "sikh mera".

Thanks for your help.