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I am sure a a lot of people wonder this, but when I think of god, I just do simran in my mind almost all day long, during eating, during everything almost. so I feel connected thoroughout the whole day. listen to bani throughout the whole day. because to me spirituality is about recognizing that there is something bigger than you, and you immerse yourself in that love, so that you are in that state all the time, so that all the worldy things are just not as important anymore. basically god is like an invisible shield between you and the world. (how I see it). you don;t care anymore about convincing anyone about anything, you do seva with love and just stay in love all the time. if anything breaks that state, you go and meditate some more, because ultimately we only have control about how we feel, not others.

which is the reason why I don't become to strict with myself, ie I eat before meditating. (most people don't as a rule) but i do follow things like .. waking up at 4 am which is really good, because you feel like you concentrate better i do that. so many other things, I don't feel the need to be strict with myself. i do see the point in being modest, so I cover up don;t even wear anything tight because lose clothing is comfy, comfy = you focus on naam, and not how tight your clothes are. makeup, I do wear, but I never look in the mirror the whole day (I barely even notice the makeup is there), and keep doing simran in my mind, because I recognize how good that feels.

but i get confused when people who follow rules, say things like oh meditate on empty stomach, please take cold and only cold shower, oh don't wear makeup at all. how strict should I really be?