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Prayers doesn't work. I am fed up now

From last 19 months I've praying for one single thing but nothing is happening. Now it feels that I am a fool who has been praying from last 19 months just in the hope that my prayer for that single thing will come true. I cried few times as well. That thing is the most important and essential for me but my most important request is haven't granted by God to me yet and I know that he won't even bother to my prayers now. He just wants me to suffer. I don't know why I'm still praying to him knowing that nothing has happened and nothing gonna happen. Now it feels that I should stop praying and believing in God because my life is becoming miserable every day. I'm very confused should I do that ? Why or why not ? I am so fed up that I want to kill myself. Sorry for being rude but God is not listening to me. In the gurbani, I've heard that "guru Nanak de ghar Te sab kuch mil janda e, koi khali hath ni janda, rondey hasdey hoye jande Ne" but why he's sending me back crying every time?