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forcing friendships

I am sure that I am not really the only one. I know that the ultimate state is when your heart is so full of love with bani (which is your rock your solid support), you do not really rely on anyone. So much love that it overflows and uplifts everyone, even the cruel and the wicked. And you keep walking on your path alone, uplifting everyone

However in daily life I am able to meet lots of people, I could even act a certain way to fit in, but I really don't. So I reach a plateau stage, where I am happy being alone (ie I care about people, but won't really go above and beyond to prove it. In fact I have never been able to fit in. ^ hence achieving a status of snobbish + aloof + cold (but that state to me seems the most comforting, just alone)

What do you do, in situations like these, act a certain way to fit in. or just leave it, enjoy your own company? but till how long, prolonged loneliness can cause abnormal behaviors.