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young love

I am a teenage girl who is in high school. There is one boy who I really love. He told me that he loves me to. I am almost 16 and he is 20. I know that I shouldn't love him but I can't stop thinking about him. I think about him when I wake up, when I do chores and when I work. I think of him when I am the Gurudwara or when I am at school. I like to think that he is next to me. I can't stop thinking about a made up future. I constantly tell myself that I can't do anything it will happen according to God's will. I told myself not to think of him, I even told myself to kimda be upset with him so I can stop thinking about him. In Ardaas, I asked God to help me forget him and to please forgive me for my bad thoughts. What can I do, please help me.