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being a girl

Is there anything wrong if I'm a teenage girl and I want to build some muscle. I'm not going out all Hulk-like but can't I build even a little. Not even enough to where I can pick up something without the help of a guy? My mom and uncle repeatedly tell me not to build muscle because even a little because "Muscles don't suit girls, you won't get married, stop trying to show off that you are strong, don't compete with boys, you will look ugly, do what a girl is supposed to do.You'll get hurt." I want to build muscle so I can actually do things by myself. For example , when I do seva at the Gurdwara, my dad says not to pick up even a small bucket of water while the girls who are weaker than me (my friends who told me I am stronger than them) are doing it easily. Am I missing a line in the Bani where it says women aren't meant to be strong?( rhetorical question ) I have one life , in my life my goal is to meet God, but that doesn't mean I can't have other goals. I want to build muscles and I don't care how I look because at the end it won't matter who I married, it will only matter if I reached God. So why can't I build muscles?