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Flying in dream

Sir in my dream I can do anything I got spirt in every dream I can fly I can fite devel spirt even how powerful is et most of my dream against bad spirt or in gurudawra sometime I ll saw in dream i ll reach in another gurudawara were peple drink in gurudawara eating meat and not keeping hair just wearing turban but there stay in gurudawara other they washing naked in srover sahib one day I saw Muslims mosk in that mosk when I inter et was full with blood all wall of mosk full with blood and there was one goet who had only 2 legs but no other one I saw in mosk , in another dream I saw there was another gurudawra were everything was mixup et was sikh gurudawra but et was under hindo peple and owner was sikh but he was doing this they was selling and eating meat in gurudawra