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Will God And Guru Accept Me ?

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa..Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Ok..i am New To Sikhi and learnt very much about life and it's purpose only through Gurbani...i have decided to keep my hairs uncut and haven't cut them from 4 months and i also do Simran and Listen To Katha..but the question is will God And Guru accept me ...i don't know about Past Karmas but in this life only i have done bad..told lies..hurted people..performed kaam..even after accepting The path Of Guru..So Will God still bless me..will Guru still accept me as his Sikh..Gurbani says u have to pay if u have done Bad Karma..still bad things will happen ? I want to walk on the True path but theese questions make me upset..please answer if u have any answers.

Thanks..sorry if asked something wrong.