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Why Sikhs are the most Blasphemous to their own faith

Before you Gursikhs jump to any hateful thinking for me, let me make it very clear that I am myself a Sikh, a practicing Sikh. But looking at the traits that are being shown collectively by Majority of Sikhs in today's World. I have started wondering if Sikhs are one of the (if not the) most blasphemous people to their own faith.

Now I know I will be opposed by all you guys, but my questions are serious and extra-ordinary in the sense that these allegations are rare and not usual. This is just the way I feel, I will be thankful to all you guys who will come up with their suggestions and comments.

FIRSTLY, What I feel Sikhism has been reduced to just mere fashion such as keeping Hairs, the Joodas , wearing the turbans and showing off your faith externally and knowing literally nothing of the message that is given for "internal" purification isn't this trend so similar to the way Guru Nanak opposed the Brahmin for making him wear the Janau? Now aren't the Sikhs doing the same thing the "other way" round, Doesn't it give the simple message "Just keep hairs only then you are a true Sikh" is this what our Sikhism is all about? But nevertheless that's the extent of the limited and myopic understanding of Sikhi in our World today no one seriously cares and ponders as to what is written and said by our living Guru Shri Guru Granth Sahibji Maharaj(SGGS)and what our Guru actually demands from us in order to classify as good human being and a Gursikh.

SECONDALY, Ego. Frankly speaking hardly any effort is being made by sangats or known Gyanis to collectively work towards shedding the ego which is indeed the major obstacle in our path towards Akal Purakh and realizing our real-self. The most astonishing thing which I feel is our principles and History of Sikhi is being used as a "tool" for inflating the ego. Was SWORD given as an arm or were Sikhs armed to fight for SELFISHNESS or was it for Selfless sacrifise for sake of TRUTH? "Saade guruaan ne kurbaaniyaan diti, Hinduaan Vaaste", "Saade Purkhaan ne Dharam layi Sees Kataye", "Saade Sikh Saza-e-Kaala Pani ch Sabto zyada shaheed hoye"... I mean there has to be a line which needs to be drawn between something to be proud of & to learn and something to be felt egoistic about. May I ask all bibis and Gyanis here since when our Gurus said that be "egoistic" about their achievements. The Social sites are full of abuses towards Hindus and Vedas, Yes I know all Sikhs don't do that but how come even SOME Sikhs are motivated to use such horrendous words for Krishan, Rama, Shiv, Pravati when our Gurmatt teaches us to literally to respect all Matts and traditions.

THIRDLY, Disrespect of Dasam Granth is the most serious issue that has hardly found any attention among the debates of Sikh Scholar who are concerned about the deteriorating sociological conditions of Sikhs in everyday life. I was shocked to see the way some guys have gone to the extent of abusing Dasam Granth by saying it "kanjar Kavita" and "Sex Manual" may I ask have they ever read it once? let me tell then the beginning of Ardas is from "Chandi Di Var" and Chaupai Saib, Jaap Sahib, Tavprasad Savaiye all are from the same collections of writing of Guru Gobind Singhji. This is indeed one of the most blasphemous thing of Sardars of Today who on one hand keep the rehat prescribed by Guru Gobind Singh and who are ever eager to walk on his path and hence have seen turning a fanatic and disregarding Guruji's real purpose hence they never spare even a thought before hurling Streams of invectives shamelessly.

FOURTHLY, Over emphasis of Punjabi have just made Sikhism as a religion exclusively of Punjab meant for Punjabis only. A major reason for it's ground failure is the inability of the Sikhs to mix up religious code and ethos with local culture. Since partition Sikhs have spread all over India, but instead of marketing it's ideals to non-Sikhs they have preferred to keep their faith among themselves in a closely knit society which even more surprisingly is never supportive of each other, a major portion of this blame stems from the inability to move beyond Punjabi Language and Culture. Buddhism Mixed up well with Local Cultures hence we see it emerge as a dominant force in the Eastern Part of the World. Same Goes for Christianity, the King James Bible Version was a revolutionary thing in which the Kingdom of UK had their Bible, their prayers in English in their mother tongue.

FIFTH point is Materialism as the ONLY Yardstick for the success. With the coming of the present century as the whole world deeply plunges into ignorance and materialism having least regards for the "Ideals", a religion that's found on the Ideals and has walked the path of idealism of truth, sacrifice and selfless devotion, the people practising it has completely become oblivious to it's ideals. The car, house, bank balance and all materialistic things are a measure to judge person's success on planet Earth regardless of his spiritual progress. The need has become the greed in today's World and unfortunately the practicing Sikhs aren't anymore different in their approach towards this side and their deeds. So Nothing New here too.

SIXTH major concern is continuation of Caste Practice completely banned by Kalgidhar Paatshaah and strictly a no-no as per Gurbani is another feather in the hat of blasphemous achievements of Sikhs. Many Sikhs admit to the fact that this is bad, but themselves stick to the Sub-continent's worst menace when it comes to finding a suitable match for sons and daughters. The matrimonial Sites bears a blunt testimony to the double-standards of Sikhs when I find mention of caste before the word Sikh. Example, Labana Sikh, Khatri Sikh, Jatt Sikh etc. etc. other than this Caste based Gurdwaras and Deras are worst examples of pitfalls of Castism among Sikhs I don't need to elaborate upon this.

SEVENTH and the most concerning point is the love for Alcohol, let's be fair and very very practical. The Kesadhaaris, the Turban Wearing, the Flag-bearers of Sikhi in their every social gathering alcohol is the most accepted legal norm of "Nasha" by Sikhs. No Drinks, you are actually subjected to a strange stare by others, is this what our morals have come down to that a community once associated with bravery is now associated with alcohol or rather 'champions of alcohol' by the society? Then let me ask why so much drama over Smoking Cigarettes? Was our Guru specific in banning smoking and allowing Alcohol? I mean how ridiculous all these things look and hence Sikhs are made subject to laughters and hence mocked by everyone for their stupidity. In our Panth Both are banned and strictly banned. No Smoke, No Alochol , No Drugs that's the true and ideal Sikhi

EIGHT...Do I need to Write more? Isn't this enough? Should we Sikhs not ask ourselves first that on which Path we are walking, has our poor understanding of our own faith had let us down? Are we literally walking the right path? Instead of "Kirat Karo, Naam Japo, Vand Chakho" Sikhism in today's time been reduced to "Kes Rakho, kes Rakho, Kes Rakho".. Why are we afraid to ask Questions , tough Questions? Is over Emphasis on Hairs , Keshas has distanced other faiths' people as well as our own people from Sikhism? Why don't we admit that the Rehat Maryada is next to impossible to follow in today's time? Are we afraid that "God will punish us?" Burn us in eternal Hell? How this view is any different from extreme Islamic View or Catholic view who are afraid even till date to speak anything against Church and Popes?