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Darshans of Gurus who have passed away

Can we have darshans of gurus who've passed away? I feel like they could be illusions in the mind. One who sees Guru Arjan say the night before the anniversary of his matyrdom can be proved as a subconsious trick of the thought processes. I saw Guru Arjan once, while awake. This though was while my eyes were closed, after recently learning about darshans and wanting one. Science doesn't solve everything -but this I think it does. In the darshan Guru Arjan told me to "come", and that's all he said. In my mind, I had imagined him saying that nearly a half second before he said it. I am not disrespecting the gurus or anyones experiences, but as a seeker of truth I'm trying to find out what is real and what is fake. Mind has many illusions, God is the only thing that isn't one. Let guru bless you. Satnaam.