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amritdhari weds non amritdhari

ssa g i am non amritdhari...but planing to become amritdhari. i have a best friend who belongs to a sikh family,but he is non amritdhari. he does not cut his hair or beard lyk the young generation. but i am not sure whthr in future he will continue his practice of non cutting or not.although i am 99% sure that he wont be indulged in any sort of cutting.he goes to gurudwara. but he drinks sometime...coz of company. If i become amritdhari,can i marry him after that too? can only two amritdharis(husband and wife) share food? can i take the amrit before marriage or shud i take it aftr marriage? is it necessary that only 2 amritdhari can marry each other???

please answer all my questions asap. I luv him...nd c him perfect in all aspects, He is a nyc human and respect sikhism.