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Is the Sikh era ending?

Waheguru Ji Ka khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fathe. Would you say I am wrong to say that our sikh religion that is only around 500 (+) years old with 20 million strong around the world is reducing in numbers day by day and not increasing at all due to the reasons as follows:- 1. We see smaller numbers of our sikh brothers and sisters turnouts in our gurdwara (s) around the world.

2. Our sikh brothers and sisters are more intrested to be Kristians, Muslims or Hindus due to the vast promotions done by these religions to attaract our sikhs into their religion.

3. Our sikh families that allow their children to marry other races where in the end their spouces lovingly show that their religion is far much better then sikhsm to their sikh spouce.

4. Has the role of a "Granthi" in our Gurdwara now being a good payout monthly salary only a status with the word "Giani ji" who sometimes do not even know the number of Sikhs staying in their area. Where are the days when a "Giani Ji" will take time to visit sikh family homes in his area at least quaterly once to bring the word of our "Waheguru" to them?

5. There is a price for everything now? An Ardas will cost you money, Bring "Waheguru (Grant Sahib) to your home will cost you money, A prayers to be preformed will cost you money and the list is so long that it will make you run out of your sikhism sikn. But when a Kristian, Muslim or Hindu need what said above in their religion, everything is provided to them withour even asking or cost.

6. Is is so good to see old build Gurdwara(s) given new facelifts or most of the times bulid new that are mostly air conditioned now. But the first thing that you see on the walls of the entrances is not the names of our Gurus but the names of the sikhs that donated the highest amount as building funds that are sometimes carved on the walls of our gurdwara. Is this needed? Is our sikh religion turned into a commercial business?

7. How many of our sikh missions that are being carried down to our sikh children to make sure that they understand what is sikhsm?

8. Where is the help for our unlucky sikhs? Sikhs that have broken down families is always pushed away from our sikh community rather than providing a warm hug, smile and a helping hand. That do not cost money but if it does then it will not cost much.

9. There are sikhs that take a wrong turn and end up having problem with the law. Have there been any sikh organisation that look into this. To provide them with faith and a little help just like other races do? Are we so ashamed to do that?

10. Take a walk in a town and if you come accross a sikh walking by then try smiling and 90% of them will look elsewhere rather then smiling back to them. Leave alone wishing "Sat Sri Akal" that might end you up with a long suprised face looking down at you. Is this our culture?

I can write non stop of all down falls that is kocking at the sikhsm doors. I might not even be good using my words to explain what is behappening to sikhsm but i just cannot keep quite and see the distruction of sikhsm.

Thank you.

Born a Sikh Die a Sikh.