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A child whose parents don't talk to him

This child's parents don't speak to him or meet him in person, but he is dying to meet them, talk to them and be with them as a family.

Only form of communication is email messages his parents send to him via his elder brother. Emails provide him instructions on how he should lead his life, if he wants to be with them when he grows up.

What would you think of such parents? Can't they guide him better by speaking directly to him? Why do they want to keep themselves as a mystery? Or perhaps the child is an orphan and someone else is writing those emails to help him become a better human being.

This child is us mortals and parents are God. Email messages are gurbani, words from God. But the question remains the same, why does god not directly reveal himself to us and wants to remain a mysterious figure? Things would be so easy if he directly communicates instead of leaving us confused and directionless at times. Why can't we talk to the divine directly, the same way we talk to our worldly parents? May be we are orphans and there is not God? Why do I have to put this question on this Q&A forum, if we were able to talk to god, we could directly ask him all these questions ourselves and get answers from the most reliable source?