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Guruwala or not


I am an Amritdhar Sikh and have been following the Rehat Maryda regularly. By Waheguru Ji's Bless I am doing all the Nitnem Banis ( Morning and Evening) everyday. This has been happening for good amount of months and Thanks Waheguru Ji for HIS blessings on me for this.

I understand after taking Amrit you become Guruwala and Guru is always Ang Sang with you wherever you go.

However, recently , I broken some of serious Rehat Maryda which I am regretting , but I continue to doing the Nitnem Banis ( morning and evening ) as I was doing before.By Babaji's Grace I did not stop Nitnem Banis.

My questions are : 1. Now that I have broken the Rehat Maryada ( serious Kurat ) done. Am I no longer Guruwala. Is Guru Gobind Singh ji my lno onger protector. 2. Do I have to take the Punishment ( Thankha ) as per Rehat by Panj Pyare to come back again as Guruwala which I fine to take. 3. Do I have to also take Amrit again to become Guruwala 4. And until I complete my Thankha & retake the amrit if answer to 3 question is Yes , do I have to remove my Kakars (expecially : Kripan and Kanga) . Others are intact with me ( Kesh , Kada and Kachera)which I do not want to remove at any cost. 5. My wife who is also Amrirdhari , does not keeps her hair covered especially while cooking becuase its too hot in kitchen . Is it fine?

Please advice.