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Can Naam and Simran elevate anything,?

I have this serious question, I do feel alone, most of the time, if eel im in a circle where i cannot get out anymore and iw ant to get out but i dont know how to get out! I want to be close to god and spend as much time as i can with god but first i don know how to break out of this circle and actually start to do it. I want a good aswer for my solutions, i want to be sure and i feel really im standing on the edge. if i now dont do nothing then i will never do nothing, i need help please help me , i need some good advice, does naam and simran make every problem solve, and if so does, can i get out of my circle or do i first have to break this circle, i do not understand it myself im stuck to maya and its destroying me more and more over again I cannot seem to get out of this, and my bad habits and deeds