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How can i find suitable girl for me? I can't trust anybody !


Few years ago, I have decided to not get married, as i couldn't find and divine soul girl anywhere nearby. I have believed that every girl ruins the spiritual life of others. Because of this belief, i have loosen a girl who adored/followed me for 3 years.

But now, i realized that it is necessary to get married to diminish the effect of Kalyug.Once, I got a chance to live away from my parents for 1 year, during which I realized, due to loneliness my spiritual life is getting declined. My mind was getting disturbed, by looking happiness in couples as i was feeling very unhappy being alone. finally i have decided to get married.

I want to marry a girl who is pure,divine,pure-soul.I want such a girl who can uplift my spiritual life, who can drives me towards naam-simran, amrit vela care, sewa. With whom i can feel myself with sadh-sangat. I strongly need such a company as i am living a unorganized life, wasting my time in in useless activities and evils.

I don't want to marry such a girl with whom i got indulge in useless issues and waste my time.

BUT i afraid how will i find such a girl? I can't trust any girl. Don't know how to check suitability of any girl for me.

Please reply, assuming that the girl which i will find suitable, will also accept me. Thanks