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how to get rid of all this dissapointing situations

Satshri akal ji... sir this is the 3rd month I have been looking up to God..n asking for my wellness..suddenly so many things has happened to me n my family..allergy..lack of vit-D..increasing stone problem..its soo dissapointing..i even think of killing myself...I don't know what bad i would have done that I am facing these problem..moreover my brother also needs me as its his 12th brother is too weak in his studies..m worried for him the same time it is affecting my studies too.even i want to study further..but can' mamma has undergone a biopsy few month back still she is incredibly performing her services towards everybody..she teaches n handle my problems..I don't want to be a burden on Mumma..papa is fighting for his pension..for 6 years..neither I am getting any job..I'hv even started doing path..if i will not get well soon how can i support Mumma papa & my brother.. plz tell me how to get rid of all these problems set the things right