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Love marriage ?

Wjkk wjkf ji, When i was in first year of my college, a girl started liking me (in my class for 1st year only, after that changed), eventually I also (not malicious at all). She belongs to SEMI SIKH (i guess, as she perform threading).She had made many modifications in her life style such as dressing sense, abandoned ear rings. I was completely convinced by her feelings (without any gossip). BUT, I was of very shy nature, not talk to girls, not even can make eeye contacts. I have never talked to her. She was unable to catch my feeling, may have considered that i am trying to ignore her.

Till the end of second year, silent story continues. I little bit change was in me. Finally she was aware of my feelings by that time as i have also started to stare her.

Questions: 1. I was totally confued at that time. either left "sanjog" on GOD and Suitable time, or go ahead with little friedship (upto marriage)....?? I was also worrying about my religios praticies too much. Will even the limited friendship can spoil my spiritual life?

  1. How can i identify the SANJOG?

In the end of third year, once she tried to initiate a talk for just a library card, by the help of friend accompanying her. Though the conversation was too small, it has given me clear indication, that she wants to talk.

Next day again, she was standing besides me in a shop. I Haven't started any convertation and left the shop.

After that, i have sent facebook friend request, responding to which she has bloked me in fb.

I couldn't understand whats going on, what she wants. Even after this i have never tried to talk to her.

After few months, she changed her name eliminating kaur from her name, was in affair with some other non sikh boy.

I realised that she felt someting wrong about sikhs. (full of attitude) She started me showing attitude, for some months.

In next sem, unknowingly we selectd same subject so we have to attemd the same class. It was embarrassing for me. surprisingly, again she have shown signs that she is willing to talk.

But i never...

Questions: 3. was my behavious was good according to gurmat? 4. If i were behaved properly, she could have been drawn into a better sikh may be amritdhari. Please justify according to gurmat. 5. Should i ever talk to her in future?

Please answer my all the 5 questions according to gurmat. I am totally insane/mad, incapable of making decisions. Please help!! Thank you

wjkk wjkf