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Affairs and marriage

As an un baptised sikh woman I married my soul mate 20 years ago whome I worshiped the ground he walked on, only to discover half way through our marriage that he was having an affair. I was very hurt and betrayed and found it very hard not to blame Waheguru himself for my pain. Somehow I found it in my heart, mainly through my weakness and misplaced trust to believe him when he said he was sorry and that he loved me enough to spend the rest of his life with me. Unfortunately years later and after 3 children I discovered in the most cruellest of ways that not only was he still having the affair but with the same woman. I took him back again, and fell for his lies as I could not cope with the thought of a single parent existence. Yet again years later Waheguru brought the truth in front of my eyes again - this time I felt this was a sign from Waheguru telling me to deal with this pain and sort your life out. That is why I am now in the middle of a divorce but it is not final yet. One thing my ordeal has taught me is that attachment is for the weak hearted - I have found a new focus in life that is merciful, abundant with joy and peace and rewarding in a way that I cannot describe. I am not a Amritari Sikh but I believe the strength I have now is coming from the shabads I listen to and the path I do twice a day. Waheguru is everywhere around me and even if my husband has failed me, as long as I have faith in Waheguru I know he will never turn his back on me. My question is as the divorce is not final yet, and my husband is begging to have me back and he is adamant that he has changed and finally got rid of this other woman, should I continue the divorce or should I pay for my bad karma and stay with the man I did my Phera with all those years ago?