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what should I do

Waheguru ji Ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh I'm trying to get on the right path and would love with Waheguru' s kirpa that I will one day take amrit . So I've started reading or listening to the full nitem paath (however this has not been done yet at amrit vela repeatedly day after day) I also take daily showers, however these are not cold , and I'm trying to learn gurmukhi. I have become vegetarian and removed my earrings and cover my head with a chuni which has angered my mother.mother told me off for all of these actions I have done , and told me to remove my chuni from my head as I'm not an old lady and put my earrings back on as I look nasty without them , and I can't be vegetarian . Mother said once I'm married(I'm 18) that I can do what I want but until then I will do as she says. Please help what should I do. Bul chuk marf karana