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Superstitions Continuously Failing me

I am talking about superstitions like sneezing before beginning a work, good or bad day/time to do a work, etc. As a follower of Teachings of Sikhism, I decided not to believe in any superstitions as per the teachings of Sikhism. I got ahead and ignored them for many times(Remembering God at the same time), thinking that something bad happening after sneezing etc might be a coincidence, but coincidence happens once, twice, or maximum 4-5 times. i ignored upto 10-20 times but when these things keep happening even after that, now I am really worried that these things are really true.

Everytime these bad omens happen, I do remember Waheguru and take His Name, but I don't know why still superstitions fail me and show their effect, which I cannot ignore. Is it Because I am not a good person, or something else. Truely speaking, someone sneezed just before i started typing this question, leaving a doubt in my mind that i will recieve an convincing answer. Please someone help me to get out of this and prove me wrong.