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Past relationship

Hey guys,

I met my ex a couple of days ago .about 5 years ago I was madly in love with him but it was just one sided. I was young and just a girl who he was passing time with. Any-who we broke up he got married and waheguru blessed with strength to further continue my studies . I have a couple more years to complete graduate school. Then when I saw him recently I found out that he and his wife are separated due some problems . I was thankful that I did not end up being his wife but I the true feelings from the past I had for him re-awoke . for some reason I want home to contact me but then I want to say no you were a mistake . another part of me wonders if things could workout between us but then I feel I deserve better . Then a huge part of me just wants to keep focused at my studies and accomplish my goal and be able to suppress my feelings for him. So please help me with advise on how can I continue moving forward without trying to want him with me . Thanks God bless