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First of all my intention is not to hurt anyone's thinking or practises, but being a pure sikh i want to just put forward my question on all the things wich i m seeing.

PLZ SOMEONE TELL ME DAT WHT HAPPENS WID A SIKH PERSON WHN HE CUTS HIS HAIR (KESH)....? i want to knw dat what happens whn a sikh person do this thing nd become a cutting wich we usually say- MONA is his life is affected or not..

i dnt have any wrong intentions behind dis ques. i just put forward dis thing becoz m seeing dese things around me many of my sikh frnds especially jatts have cutted their kesh.. myself being a sikh khatri i can't even imagine of doing dis but almost evry person around me is doing dis... many of my hindu frnds says me dat 'yr usne bhi to katwaye hai tu bhi katwaley' but i alwayz say NO nd told dem dat doing dis is a sin... waheguruji if it is a sin den y people r doing dis nd becoming rich nd happy... dey r gaining name, fame, money, etc

is in dis ways their lives are affecting..? Plz tell me dat wht hapens wen a sikh cuts his hair.?