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Liking a boy

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh

I like a boy, he's 3 yrs older than me, we have never talked to each other but he knows that I like him. Recently we've been chating on facebook. He's been supper nice to me ... So I decided that I could tell him that I like him... I did but after that he stopped messaging me and talking to me. For a while I've been in depression and foolishly decided to cut myself . My good friend told me to take a hukamnama , so I did but I can't understand gurbani , I don't want to ask my mother because I'm afraid that she will find out why I asked her or that I would forcefully lie to her.the boy I like took Amrit, and I respect that. I have no intention of being in a relationship but I have feelings for him. I want to talk to him face to face but he's never alone at school, I do not want to embarrass him in front of his friend. I don't know what to do anymore ... I like him, he does not. I want to be religious to but I have no idea where to start. Is this wrong of me ?what should I do? Please help me and thank you

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, waheguru Ji ki fateh