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Why this always happen with me...?

Tomorrow (20th march) is my maths exam of class 12 whole year i've practised it a lot and i was able to solve every question but now in the preparation days i found it very difficult even i m not able to solve small questions easily and quickly its the most important xam of my life i dont only want to just pass this xam , i want to be the one of the toppers.. whole year, i've work hard a lot and now i m finding it very difficult to prepare.. plz waheguru ji help m i want to make my parents to feel proud on me , they have hope in me and i dnt want to spoil it. waheguru ji, i m crying daily during the preparation days plzzz wahheguru jii help m to score top-class marks ...... otherwise my life will b ruined, all others will move forward and i will remain still... i dont want this to happen plz plz plz waheguru ji help to score good in the mostt important xam of my life....