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I have lost belief. Please pray for me

My 'death anxiety' has purged me all of my wishes and it seems that I desire nothing. Everything seems futile. But at the same time even religion and believes are seeming to be futile. I have started doing my nitnem and listen to Gurbani most of the time but my belief is not coming back. It seems that I am just going through the motions. I know according to Sikh belief this is not 'one day' task but I need some 'sign' from Guru or God. Otherwise I am finding myself becoming atheist or agnostic as it all started when I read some of their writings. Nihang Gavinpal Singh ji took hukamnama for me but it is not helping me to get my 'belief' back. Please pray for me that Guru ji shows me some sign of hope as I have lost all my hope and am becoming depressed.