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Do we as humans really understand the depths of life? From the start humans have had the same emotions that we have now, knowing that how can you be positive that we won't take the same actions to achieve what we want in today's date. The Earth has a divided population, and each have our own perceptions of God. Each religion which still has not proved to be completely truth, because there is no truth except what we want to believe.

We humans try to worship something, we simply are not even close to understanding. And yet we praise the lord, ask for forgiveness, thank God, ask for materialistic things, ask for a better life etc. Some people's prayers are answered and some people's are not. Why is this? Why is life unfair? Does this mean God listens to some and not others. These questions only come up when you put God in a form which is very human like. So we interact with God in the same way humans interact with humans.

There was a tribe in an unknown forest which did not have any contact with the outside world. A fighter jet pilot came and crashed down into the forest, and the tribe started to worship this fighter jet pilot giving him the same position as a God.

This story tell us a lot about the origins of human ideologies. It could be a possibility that God is nowhere near what we think it is. As far as I know, God is a divine energy that runs through every single thing in the universe as far as humans know. Its the "ghost behind the machine". This is the only reasonable answer that could be used because the rest of the happenings on earth that we tend to believe are miracles or such, can simply be explained by science and math.