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ran away from family...

sat sri akaal!! Long story short,I ran away from my family couple of months ago. i just wanted to go to university away from my family. we have never been close and it had gotten to the point where we couldnt ever be civil to each other. In short, we never got along, too much tension in the house,family refused to respect me at all because I had made choices in the past that they as an amritdhari family did not approve of. Now that iv been gone for a while my mother cries everyday begging me to come home and the rest of the family refuses to talk to me. So my question is how do i make them understand that I do love them but need to be away from them because I feel ashamed of myself around them. I have never lived up to their standards and I just want to settle down in one place and go to university. How do I reassure my mother that Ill not be partying or living against sikhism. I just need my space. I love my family and no matter what do not plan on abandoning them just need to live away from them. Sounds hypocritical doesnt it ? I wish i could just calm my mother down. Maybe if there is a shabd that could help the situation. sorry if i sounded very confusing. any advice would be appreciated at all. thank you regards confused and well meaning sikh girl.