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married woman

ssa.. i am a married woman.. who was married to a guy who use to trim his beard but not anymore... i come from a family who believes in guru sahib and follow his teachings ...and even i do.. i really appreciate that guru ji has given me such good parents... whatever i know.. i have learned it from them.. i have grown up seeing my dad praying and meditating on gods name a lot... he is my hero.. i really want to be like him..... but here .. in my in-laws.... everyone is totally opposite, my father in law has now started believing in waheguru a lot... n i thank baba ji for this.. even i am not perfect.. i mean m nt even near to perfect.. but yes i do believe in guru ji n i want to be so close to him... but i am really lazy .. i skip paths.. :( n i hate myself for this.. i really want to know how do i make my mind stable.. i know by chanting naam.. but m too lazy.. or is it like baba ji is testing me?

is it important to do path or is it okay if u remember god the whole day and thank u him for everything n dont do path... please reply and help me.. i hope i make sense to you.. i really had no clue what i was goin to ask.. i wanted to ask but dnt have the right words.. :s m really bad at expressing ...sorry :(