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Rejection from a reputed Sikh Organization

Recently, I learnt about an announcement for a Fellowship by a reputed Sikh Organization. It had a stipend for $1000. Although they have skimmed millions of dollars. I was little surprised at the amount. I decided to apply for it. I received an email “Letter of Rejection.” Not that I was expecting much. The interesting part was I got the “Letter of Rejection” before the deadline. I am 57 year old. I have received thousands of rejections. This is probably the only time I got the rejection letter before the job application deadline. Sadly, it came from a Sikh organization and the amount was only $1000. I am sure lot of you will read this article. The deadline was February 28th. I had applied on February 26th. I received the “Letter of Rejection” on February 27th. They have not only maligned the Sikh institute but also the respected name under which the Fellowship was announced.

Any attorneys out there who want to help me? Any suggestions?