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Do dreams have a significance in Sikhi?

Do dreams have an significance or meaning in Sikhi? I have a handful of dreams in which I am at the Golden Temple, or reading the first line of Sukhmani Sahib Paath, or seeing a meteor shower in two different dreams with two different people in two different places... etc. In one dream I am talking to my deceased dad while two men wait for him outside the bedroom door. My dad says their waiting to take him, he assures me that they do not harm him. He says I have to go with them and I can't tell you where I'm going but I'm good. He also answers two of my questions I was thinking about a lot. My third question was when I will get married but he said he has to go now. In another dream I see two spirits float through my room as my grandma and I lay in our beds. It's an older lady and a young boy. They keep telling us to pray and the little boy says look what happened to me, it's because I didn't pray. All this is said in Punjabi. I have never had bad dreams and had never seen spirits other then my deceased father. I'm wondering if my dreams hold a real message. Thank you.