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How should I proceed?

I’ve been thinking about moving forward with finding a rishta. I would like to share my life with someone who is dedicated to Sikhi, with a love for God. Objectively this is a bad time for me because my work hours are crazy (schedule is out of my control until next summer), and I feel like maybe I need to wait before I ask my family to find someone. I felt like waiting up till now was actually good for me because I grew a lot mentally and spiritually. I’m solid on what I need in a partner to have a healthy relationship. I worry that if I start meeting people specifically for the purpose of a rishta, that they will just look at my job, looks, or similar superficial things and I don’t want to be used or waste my energy investing into a person who only cares that I’m pretty or have money. I kind of feel like the right thing is to wait for God to arrange things when the time is right. I keep going back and forth between wanting to proceed with actively looking for a rishta vs holding back thinking its not my time yet. Does everyone feel that way initially, or will there be a time when I’m going to be 100% sure that I should go forward with this?