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My parents are not supporting me

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh Khalsa ji I am really in a confused state right now. Few months back I attended a camp which motivated me to crown my head with dastaar. I have taken amrit and its been 3 years. But I was not following the path of simplicity. I used to dress up well and I was fond of make up stuffs. I wanted to get rid of it and make a simple living. But when I proposed my wish in front of my parents they refused and are against it. They said that baptizing is a different thing and tying a dastaar is a different thing. We shouldn't be kattarh(sorry if I spell it wrong). And when I asked them for reasons they said that you are just 20 rn and not grown up enough to take such important decisions on your own. Tying dastaar would make it difficult for us to find a good guy to marry you. People usually don't support this kattarhpanti. It would also mean a simple marriage and would spoil our plans for your marriage. It is difficult to find a good family like this. They told me that I can opt for this after my marriage i.e; 4-5 years if my inlaws would allow me to do so. But I'm not getting the point of delaying this. How am I supposed to get a proper gursikh family if I myself is not a girl that they would be wanting. I don't know how to convince them. Please help. Thankyou for your time.