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Urgent Guidance Needed: Life or Death

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh,

I am in an urgent need of advice or help. The person I love very very deeply is going through something that's killing him mentally, alongside a range of health issues. He isn't talking to anyone about what it is that's hurting him so much hes holding it all in which is making him bitter and angry towards everyone, mostly me.

He talks about committing suicide and today he was speaking about it so seriously. I'm so afraid that something might actually happen to him. I told him that God will always be there with him and he has turned away from the belief and trust in God (he is Sikh ad I am too). He talks about not caring about anyone or anything and doesn't want to look out for anyone but himself anymore.

More than anything I want him to be happy with life and at peace with himself more than I want him to be mine.

He does not speak to me almost at all and wishes to be alone when a short while ago he spoke about us being married so our souls could come together and become one whereas now he throws me away when I try to help him.

how do I go about this situation, I really do not want to lose this person, how can I help him?