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What to do about friendship

I have an amritdhari friend I met a few months back, then he left to go to India. My family knows him well and they know we talk sometimes. I have no feelings for him whatsoever- I was simply looking for good sangat, and we talk about religion. I thought that was clear, but at the same time neither of us have said “veer ji or bhenji”. Now some of the things he has said is starting to make me think that maybe HE has feelings for me. I want to make it clear I'm not interested but I'm scared to hurt his feelings. I don’t know if I should just casually slip a “veer ji” into the conversation so he knows I think of him as a brother and not something more. But it feels awkward! Any suggestions? If i knew it was clear we are brother/sister then I dont mind talking to him but if he has any feelings, then I really am not comfortable with this.