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Waheguru Ji please help

Waheguru Ji please help. Am 40 years old I got married twice widow first then got married again after 10 years being alone. I have firm faith in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.I was so happy when I met amritdhari Sikh and got marriage proposals from him.i am in Australia my whole family and my husband's family in India. Before we get marry he visited my family in India. There my family went to a astrologer with my husband, the astrologer was strongly against this marriage, he said it will never gona succeed. He talked me over the phone, but I said I don't believe in astrology as I believe only Shri Guru Granth Sahib . I got married 27 august2016. Since then I have visa husband started looking someone else. He already divorce And having 15 years old son with him.when my problem bit solved he started loving me. I found he is caring, kind man he does seva every Saturday Sunday in gurudwara sahib, and always helpful to needy person.i respect him love him can't live without him. Because of insecurity am in depression and he is talking to another girls for third marriage. Now I also want to get rid of this .. because he is not responsible doesn't know the meaning of marriage. He forgot the promise he did in front of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.but my problem are. 1. Am too much attached with this man, my heart broken twice. Don't want to live alone, not easy to marry again. 2. I got marriage against my family. Can't go back there . My father is no more. Brother don't like now. 3. My loosing faith in waheguru, because astrologer was right whom I never believed. 4. Am with him from two years, I stop communicating from my all friends. Now I have no one to talk. Feeling sick. I quit my job. Spending 18 hours with gurbani. ::: please support me , I want to out from this situation through gurbani only.i shared my story because I am feeling so alone, seeking emotional support.