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A mistake or god's will?

Waheguru ji ka khalsa ,waheguru ji ki fateh... Actually i have a guilt for rejecting a guy for his appearance who was good by heart (which i realised in recent few days) and now he is married.... The family was good by nature and heart ....but when i met the boy i did nt feel anything (as mine is the case of arrange marriage)...ignorantly i hurted him by saying no (a mistake)...he kept a chaliya for me i was nt ready to say yes to him at that time may be bcs i was not ready for marriage , they responded that the girl is arrogant(even i dnt know is it so)....but now i dnt know why these days everytime his thought is coming to my mind and i am also facing problems in my marriage (delay)... I confessed to god in my prayers for hurting still the guilt is there....what should i do ? Was it God's will that we were not meant to be together or i am responsible that i lost an opportunity it really my guilt or my situation(delay in marriage) that is making me to think so ? I am not able to figure it out...