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Chand (Prithi Chand, Baba Sri Chand, etc.)

asked 2015-11-07 12:57:12 -0500

Bhagat Singh gravatar image

Is Chand (as in Prithi Chand or Baba Sri Chand) like a surname, title, or is it part of their first name. I don't think it is like a surname because they used clan names and Prithi Chand was a Sodhi and his name is sometimes fashioned "Prithi Chand Sodhi".

For example if someone were addressing Prithi Chand, could they say: "Hello Prithi", or would they have to say "Hello Prithi Chand"? I've also seen Prithi Chand's name styled as Prithia.

Any info is appreciated.


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answered 2015-11-09 04:10:28 -0500

Nihang96K gravatar image

Hey bhagat,

In india surnames were never used in names chand is just part of the name. the clan name was a distinction. never used by the gurus because they refused the cast system. when we look at the forth guru and beyound (all gurus after this point were subsequently related) they are all called Sodhi Patshah as a title of authenticity.

In the Same way as Guru Gobind Rai (from the sodhi lineage)

ended the lineage factor and created the khalsa becoming

Guru Gobind Singh

Surnames are a modern invention.

ps. Please email me soon

Gavin Singh.

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Bhagat?!? Yeah right :)

Bhagat Singh gravatar imageBhagat Singh ( 2015-11-09 17:05:32 -0500 )edit

As much as i hate to admit it im still james. I'll skype u tomorrow as well bhaiji.

Bhagat Singh gravatar imageBhagat Singh ( 2015-11-09 17:40:20 -0500 )edit

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