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What would the Sikhs do with their long hair in the future if...

asked 2015-10-16 22:04:53 -0600

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Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh My question is, what would we Sikhs do in the future if there was to be a severe shortage of water? Water is a very essential for keeping ourselves clean. People who have long hair like me need lots of water to wash our hair. In the coming future, water scarcity could be a real thing (although we wish it does not happen). In such circumstances, what should we do? Cut/reduce our hair, or look for alternative methods of keeping the hair clean?

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answered 2015-10-17 18:04:49 -0600

Bhagat Singh gravatar image

The Khalsa is the roop (form) of God and Guru (who are one and the same). Just read the Khalsa Mahima! Obviously Waheguru will bless his Khalsa with the gift of water to clean our kesh.

Also, when is water going to run out globally? 70%+ of Earth is water!

But even if not of the above answers suit you, there are dry shampoos that absorb your natural oils and clean your hair.


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answered 2015-10-17 00:57:45 -0600

anon gravatar image

don't shaving products cost resources too? if you look at the cradle to grave lifecycle of the shaving products, they would probably cause more environmental harm.

what is the blade made of? stainless steel + perhaps other minerals where do minerals come from? they are mined, and does mining require water? yup sure does what about recycling that stuff? does it cause environmental harm = yup!

i could go on more but you get the idea

:) have a nice day

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