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asked 2012-11-24 23:35:25 -0500

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Unfortunately,after my husband's death I had to stay with my relative.She irritates me a lot.She has no idea of my pain.I do all the house chores,but i can't make her happy.She is of my Mother's age but she always compares herself with me.Please guide me so that I can tolerate her.She consider herself religious,read all banis,on the other side she doesn't apply gurbani in her deeds.

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answered 2012-11-25 15:48:18 -0500

Nihang Gavinpal Singh Khalsa gravatar image

updated 2012-11-25 15:49:06 -0500

number 1 we can all understand that you feel pain but simply your husband no longer exists let go. this may seem very harsh so pardonnegativity me but death should not be mourned.

number 2 you are doing sewa in your own home doing service for others, not for personal gain.

number 3 when one shows negativity discharge it with your breath with sat nam

number 4 treat others with so much love show her your love and the endless grace of god sing your waheguru jaap with pure love and you will melt the hearts of all do your banis with grace and humility.

number 5 in the last month of this pician age the sutra is treat others as you would treat your self. engulf that sutra in theory. ok now read this the other person is you.

number 6 sort your priorities out.

number 7 sort out your sprirtual projection your bani and bana

follow this heal your self oh soul i understand that you are in a time of grief and pain you need to heal as we all do in these times so resite this mantra in meditation

              !!!!ANG SANG WAHEGURU!!!!
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Thanks for advice.

Unknown gravatar imageUnknown ( 2012-11-27 21:02:59 -0500 )edit

thats ok any time.

Nihang Gavinpal Singh Khalsa gravatar imageNihang Gavinpal Singh Khalsa ( 2012-11-29 05:24:09 -0500 )edit

answered 2012-11-25 15:22:40 -0500

Prabh Kaur gravatar image

Have you tried talking to her? Telling her that you get hurt? May be you should talk to her or if it is just easier move out?

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answered 2012-11-26 05:48:03 -0500

unknownkaur gravatar image

Waheguru Ji bless you....

Attend sadhsangat as often as you can and do naam simran...this will help your soul and uplift will be more at peace with yourself and happy...consequently you will spread this positivity around you...

Trust waheguru Ji....He will do best for you...

God bless you...

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Thanks for advice.

Unknown gravatar imageUnknown ( 2012-11-27 21:03:50 -0500 )edit

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