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asked 2015-09-01 19:34:06 -0600

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Allright so i actually believe in god. I feel it in my soul that i believe. And in bani it speaks of our souls as "brides" who is Sohagni if she remembers her lord. this makes perfect sense to me, because before i was not into spirituality (i felt so empty) as i got into sikhi , i actually have started to feel complete.this line reflects my condition but here is the thing i am a science major and when i pray there is still that voice in my mind which tries to makes practical sense of bani.(ie i will say that oh i will just follow bani because it makes you at peace, but not actually giving credit to the creator) i will make Clever schemes like o reincarnation probably not? Well it pprobably refers to karma in this life time alone only but you see that is haumai because it shows that i dont completely surrender. How do you lovingly shut down that scepticism? What kind of research or questions should i be asking? if any of u would share your spiritual journeys (and how you got rid of that skepticism) which is really just haumai. (But it still needs to be fed proper answers right?) tysm help would be greatly appreciated.

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answered 2015-09-02 10:13:29 -0600

Guruka Singh gravatar image

It is the job of the negative mind to be skeptical and look for pitfalls. It is the job of the positive mind to see the way through any obstacle. It is the job of the neutral mind to evaluate the input from the negative and positive minds and bring them into neutrality so the truth of any situation spontaneously emerges. If you do not meditate and develop your neutral mind your thoughts will gravitate towards your natural tendency to be overly skeptical or overly optimistic.

The neutral mind is like a muscle. You have to train and strengthen it. When you can access and use your neutral mind at all times, you are able to remain in the moment simran happens naturally and surrender blossoms anew with each breath.

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answered 2015-09-02 03:00:24 -0600

singh is king gravatar image

what are you saying, u want to ask question, but you you know what to ask !!! wow

i guess your mind is wandering n so the beliefs also shakes questioning the creator, but that is fine, question as u like, because you are a human, you were designed to question and understand ! dont listen to people who say don't question at all, well they say that because they are of go with the herd mentality ! ask questions, beacause they will be answered eventually !

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