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Flying in dream

asked 2015-07-22 02:39:16 -0600

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Sir in my dream I can do anything I got spirt in every dream I can fly I can fite devel spirt even how powerful is et most of my dream against bad spirt or in gurudawra sometime I ll saw in dream i ll reach in another gurudawara were peple drink in gurudawara eating meat and not keeping hair just wearing turban but there stay in gurudawara other they washing naked in srover sahib one day I saw Muslims mosk in that mosk when I inter et was full with blood all wall of mosk full with blood and there was one goet who had only 2 legs but no other one I saw in mosk , in another dream I saw there was another gurudawra were everything was mixup et was sikh gurudawra but et was under hindo peple and owner was sikh but he was doing this they was selling and eating meat in gurudawra

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answered 2015-07-22 03:33:13 -0600

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Please don't make more questions then just one.

It's counter intuitive.

My guess is the reason you want Guruka Singh to answer your question is that you've watched this video which you can relate too according to the experiances you have with your question.

image description

YouTube - How to Overcome Low Self Esteem

In the video Guruka says that you created this situation and these dreams you are having. And the answer to the problem is that you have to meditate which causes these dreams.Honour who you are and do Jaap Taap Sanjam, like it says in the gurbani.

About these dreams here is a partial biased view on them, which I suggest you should follow:


The purpose of sleep is to allow the body and the mind to rest, recuperate, regenerate – and do some self-healing. You should wake up rested, refreshed, and alert, ready to face the day. Do you?

About Sleep

There are four phases of sleep:

  1. Falling asleep

Often this stage is equal to tossing, turning, and worrying. It’s a big waste of time and energy.

  1. Light dream or “reverie” stage

  2. Dream state

It is said that whatever adventures you experience dreaming take ten times more energy than if they happened while awake.

  1. Deep, dreamless sleep, breath is slow and steady

This is the only stage that rejuvenates and recharges. According to the yogis, this stage lasts for two and a half hours.

Many yogis believed that if the three unnecessary (and draining) stages of sleep are reduced or eliminated, then you would need a lot less time in bed. When your breath is not slow and steady, as occurs in the dream stages, sleep can actually tear down your nervous system. Most of us take a little while to get into and out of the deep sleep state. From a yogic perspective, five and a half hours can, in fact, be sufficient in place of the eight or ten hours we often think is needed.

Preparing Your Sleeping Space

Adjusting your bedroom is the perfect place to begin restful sleep.

• Get the firmest mattress that works for you, in order to support your spine and let your nervous system relax.

• Orient your bed east-west to cut across the earth’s north-south magnetic field. Your personal energy can get overpowered if it is in the same orientation as the earth’s magnetic field. You wake up tired and grouchy.

• Consider having inspirational music or affirmations continuously playing in your bedroom, especially while you sleep. You can keep the volume very low (barely audible) and it will still affect your subconscious.

Preparing for Sleep

Follow these suggestions in the hour or so before bedtime.

• Make sure you’ve sweated and laughed already that day. If not, go on a walk before bedtime (and laugh during it!).

• Avoid a heavy meal just before bedtime.

• Brush your teeth (see Brushing Your Teeth).

• Brush your hair down and, if long, braid it so it stays neat and ...

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